The Greater Manchester Imaging Network statement of work commits to:

  1. Design and create a Greater Manchester Imaging Network which serves as a representative of all provider sites
  2. Provide an appropriate governance structure to support transformational work of imaging services at each of the NHS provider sites
  3. Produce a Strategic outline case and full business case to describe the operating model for the imaging network 
  4. Ensure that the GM Sectra PACS solution is fully implemented across Greater Manchester provider sites by April 2022
  5. Develop a shared imaging workforce strategy and ensure that this is agreed by all provider sites
  6. Develop a shared capital equipment, plan that addresses ownership and replacement of assets and investment needed to manage diagnostic growth
  7. Act as a collaborative influence for the procurement of Greater Manchester owned assets, provider owned equipment, consumable and outsourcing contracts
  8. Develop and implement a Greater Manchester imaging data dashboard which provides a platform to interrogate data, build reports, support performance reporting and provider site capacity and demand indications
  9. Lead the Community Diagnostic Hub Programme for Greater Manchester and establish a CDH Steering Group including relevant stakeholders; co-ordinating local approaches to deliver an overall CDH model for GM. 
  10. Work closely with the NW Regional Imaging Cell and other NW Regional Imaging networks to meet and deliver the regional and national demands of Greater Manchester.
  11. Agree and adopt harmonised GM Imaging pathways and system coding nomenclature across the region
  12. Ensure that the network achieves the strategic goals of the network vision